Friday, August 3, 2012

Titles are Haaaaaaard

My last post got a bit messed up but I don't know how to fix it so no more hearts for us! It's...It's okay...I can express my love with...words...or something...

Last night I went bowling with Kim, Zack, and Harrison (Kim's boy toy), and, as predicted, I failed miserably. More than once I didn't hit any pins. On the second game, though, Zack actually did worse than I did! This is marginally gratifying. Also, Kim won some tickets at the arcade so she gave them to me and I got Twizzlers. Oh man do I love Twizzlers.

So I don't have many upcoming plans. Today I was super-duper proactive and printed out the summer reading (according to Zack, my future English teacher does indeed check the summer work, which causes me insufferable rage). As for actually reading the books/beginning the work, I have yet to begin. I want to start off the year well, so at some point I'll go to Barnes and Noble and pick up The Grapes of Wrath and The Tipping Point. I hope you can feel my excitement oozing through the screen.

What I'm really looking forward to is my birthday! I'll probably do a slumber party like last year. Maybe. I have yet to think of anything super fabulous for my 'sweet sixteen', but then, last year was pretty fabulous. I'll probably invite a couple more people this year, though. Of course, the only reason I have birthday parties is so all my friends will get me presents :D

I'm looking forward to getting my schedule, though that won't be till later this month. One of my classes was cancelled, unfortunately; most likely they'll replace it with a study hall, as I don't think I put down a second choice. It would be great if I had study hall with Kim or Zack! I'm also very excited for physics, though I've heard it's a hard class. If there's less theory and more good ol' fashioned math, I think I should be good. I would hate a repeat of last year's misery in chem. Man, every time I remember that I don't have to take chem next year, the relief is overwhelming.

When I get my schedule, I can compile a list of the school supplies I need and start the best task of the year: back to school shopping! I already have some notebooks and so much paper. I won't run out of paper all year! Okay, I'll still run out of paper, but it will last me a while, damn it.

I suppose I'll go stare at my clothing wishlist again, desperately trying to will money to appear in my wallet. What I wouldn't give for a good pair of boots and about ten more sweaters. Man, do I love sweaters.

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  1. Yes! Sorry, I kinda changed my URL without warning everyone. And it's okay, I suck at bowling too. For me physics was pretty easy--definitely more math than concepts, at least in the class that I took--so good luck with it next year! And yes, one can never have too many sweaters.