Thursday, August 16, 2012

I am not Strawberry.

I'm her overworked, underpaid friend Kim. She can't use the computer at the moment, and apparently she needs to post something every day for BEDA (or whatever it's called). I think I'll be decent about it, though. I'll actually talk for a bit, rather than posting a one-sentence blog entry.
Strawberry is not dead! She has not been abducted by extraterrestrials or drowned tragically in a neighborhood swimming pool, which actually could happen, because she can't swim. I know, right? I would attempt to teach her, but I know that it would end with her screeching like a banshee and punching me in the face. The only thing plaguing her is frustration over her ridiculously incorrect schedule. I feel bad talking about it, because my schedule was actually perfect, and it was one of few perfect schedules. If Strawberry isn't able to switch back into AP English...oh goodness, she would have a fit.
I'd better receive some compensation for this non-school required writing. Gah. School in two weeks. Bash my head into a wall. Kick a table and stub my toe. Rage about it to my dog when no one's around. "I cry everytiem." I'm proud to say that I'm ahead of our beloved Strawberry with summer reading. "Ahead" is an understatement, actually.
Actually, I'm being rather harsh on her. I'll stop now, I promise. I prooooomise. ...Don't punch me the next time you see me, Strawberry. Because of me, you're still in BEDA, whatever that is!
Oh, it's almost Strawberry's birthday! Hurray! Fanfare! Cheers! This girl can almost legally drive. Scary stuff. If you live within a 10-mile radius of her, beware. Road sign proposal: Drivers beware. Strawberry is nearby. Proceed with caution.
The sign would flash when she's nearby. Clever, no? Anyway, this has to be posted by midnight, and there's about 30 minutes left, but I don't want to cut it close in case I accidentally delete this and have to retype it. If I do... good grief. You would all get three words maximum if I'm forced to retype this.
.....That's a Harry Potter spell. I don't know. Don't question it.


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  1. Hello, Kim!

    Thanks for writing this BEDA post for Strawberry. You did a good job! :)