Saturday, August 4, 2012

Happy happy happy

I almost forgot that I have to blog today, and every day. BEDA is hard for a forgetful soul like myself! I almost forgot even though I've started obsessively checking my dashboard several times a day. It's so nice to see people comment again. I mean, obviously there wouldn't be any new comments if I never blogged. So it's nice to, I don't know, have blog-buddy interaction.

I really didn't do anything today. Like, I fiddled about online and played Spider Solitaire for an hour. There was a storm earlier and lightning struck very close to my house. It was extremely loud and my mom gave me brownie batter to comfort me, because I was a tad shaken. The storm passed quickly, but I remained inside, being lumpy and whatnot. Man, I am so lumpy. It's a little depressing.

Tomorrow I'll try to write something and maybe go visit Tegan so I'm a little more productive. On Tuesday I'll be going to Great Adventure with Tegan! That'll be fun. And on Wednesday I'll go to Kristen's house. Then probably on Saturday I'll do something with Joy and the gang; don't know what yet. I'm in a pretty good mood, even though today was pretty boring. I wish I could talk about what's making me so happy but you know, tape over my mouth.

Oh gosh short entry all up in this place. I have nothing to talk about! I'm really excited to see someone but I won't for like a week and I'm soooo impatient. Gosh, guys, I'm in such a good mood.


  1. Hurray for good moods! Plus blog-buddy interaction is the best. Finn and Jake from Adventure Time? haha
    P.S. That show is great, and when snuggled up with a cute guy, even better. ;)

    RE: It's hard not to worry about college things, especially financial aid. I don't expect it to all go away and I'll accept the responsibility I can. Thanks for the pep talk, though!

  2. Blogger/blogger interaction is definitely the best part of the whole internet blog thing. At least I'd say so. It's storming here right now.. where's my brownie batter, mom?

  3. I have NEVER managed to understand how you play spider solitaire! Seriously, it confuses me!