Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cleaning Cleaning Cleaning what I should have done today, anyway. I did a very little bit! Like in my room and stuff. For the rest of the day, I hung around the house, visited Tegan, and painted half of my nails before messing them up and abandoning that particular endeavor. I'm distracted easily, is the problem.
My mom woke me up around eight so I could go shopping with her, and that was pretty successful. We got food for the party! So much food. A ridiculous amount of food, really. I also got new fish, since I only had one left! I got two more of the same kind I had, and two bright orange fish. I'm very happy with them! My mom also got me some lipstick, since in two days I'll be allowed to wear it. It's a really nice color and it smells delicious. Like fruity magic wonderlips. That sounded much less strange in my head, admittedly.
Tomorrow I'm going to finish cleaning the living room, the office, and upstairs. Then I vacuum! I hate vacuuming, but, you know, has to be done. I realized today that my carpet smells kind of funny. Oh Febreze, you're my best friend.
Till next time, friends.

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  1. *sings* Clean up, clean up! Everybody do their share!

    ^ Barney was a classic.

    I've always wanted fish but I'd probably forget to feed them.

    I'd like lipstick. I don't own any. Sad day.