Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I think the real problem is that I can't talk about what I really want to talk about because my mom reads my blog. It's actually very frustrating having a figurative tape over the mouth. It hinders my communicative abilities. I suppose she figures that if I don't tell her then I shouldn't tell anyone, or that she has a right to know my every thought, of course forgetting that she's frequently made it clear she's an unsympathetic ear, and placing restrictions on me which make full disclosure impossible. So I suppose the real reason I haven't been blogging is because of the tape over my mouth; I can't say what I want to, and everything else seems trivial. What, do I talk about what I had for lunch today?

I suppose this qualifies as something to talk about: on Sunday and Monday, I went to a place called Great Wolf Lodge with Kim. It's a hotel and water park, and the water park was fantastic. I've never stayed in a hotel before, so that was nice. It's basically the same as sleeping over at a friend's house. There was also an arcade, and Kim and I blew most of our coins on a horribly addictive game. I then spent all of my tickets on Twizzlers. Worth it? I think so.

Tegan has invited me to Great Adventure! That's tomorrow; on Friday I'll see if I can go to the mall with Kim. Yesterday I went to the park with Maya, Liz, and a girl named Darya who I hadn't formally met yet. A busy week after a summer of general ennui! Tegan has just come back from a month-long vacation, and Maia and Joy will be back in under two weeks. Hopefully, then, the last half of summer will be more eventful than the first.

When Maia gets back we'll have to meet to discuss Quills & Keys plans for next year. Really, I think our plans will be the same ones we had last year, but we'll actually do them this time. Things like writing contests and bake sales to fund field trips to hear authors speak! If we make it a more legitimate club, then it will look better on a college resume, of course. I don't think I have much going for me on my college resume right now, so I'd like "co-founder of Q&K" to mean something. That, and I love the club. I hope plenty of people join next year!

I have to go write a letter to Joy. Till next time, then.


  1. Ennui, good SAT word! That's right, you'll have to start thinking about taking those and the PSAT. Oh, have fun! :)

    I'm glad you're having some genuine summer adventures with friends. That's what this time of the year is for, right?

    I'm sorry you feel you have tape on your mouth. Although I've given my url to both my parents, I'm fairly certain they never read it. My oldest brother, on the other hand, never misses a post and there's only been once or twice over the course of three years when he's questioned what I've put and recommended I edit it.

    I trust his opinion, and don't mind if he reads it, because then it does remind me I shouldn't be cursing all the time and talking about inappropriate things, being on the verge of a responsible adult. What I say or do publicly could come back to haunt me.

    So, just be careful. :)

  2. Adventures with friends is always a good time! It would be kinda annoying to have to censor myself on the blog because of my mom, but at the same time I don't think there's really anything scandalous on my blog that I'd be ashamed of her reading anyway. It's not like we're posting about ourselves doing illegal activities or something, haha.