Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Good Feelings

Almost forgot AGAIN! I'm awfully tired and my head feels scattered, so pardon me in advance if this is not the best entry I've ever written. I think it's all the noise that's making me all fuzzy. I just feel like there's a lot of noise around me, from the air conditioner and from the music playing and everything. I'm bad at concentrating with noise. I should stop playing it when I do homework.

Today, continuing my streak of being abnormally busy, I hung out with Kristen! It was really fun and I haven't seen her in ages. We got eaten alive by mosquitos at a park, and walked to Dunkin Donuts, and gossiped about all the people we haven't seen all summer. As we walked back to her house, someone from school rode by on a bike, and it was so bizarre seeing them during summer. We also got lemonade from some cute kids, and chilled at her house for a few before my mom picked me up. I love Kristen because she's so easy to talk to; we never really run out of things to say. Now I find it weird that she'll probably read this! Hi Kristen!

Tomorrow I'm going to the mall with Shari, another friend I haven't seen in far too long. I probably won't get anything, because I've been perpetually broke, but I might try on the things I want to get online and boot off the list anything that doesn't fit. So, that's the plan. I just got the latest copy of Seventeen, so now I just want all the clothes. All of them. Clothes are so great. I wore a skirt today and felt bizarrely done up for summer, when usually I just wear shorts and a tank top. But it was nice to put effort into my clothes like I do for school.

I find it so weird that I used to wear the same hoodie every day, and jeans that were two sizes too big for me. It seems that as my style has improved, my confidence has gone up a lot. I'm still a giggly, nervous wreck sometimes, but it's much easier to talk to people than it ever was in years previous. Maybe next year the trend will continue and I'll actually become something resembling confident!

Speaking of next year, I feel like it's going to be really great. I'm excited for my classes and for seeing people, and inspired to buckle down and do the work I have to. Last year it all kind of went to hell, but I'm not a bad student at heart. So as September approaches, I get more and more excited. I can't believe I'm a junior already! An upperclassmen! Most of you reading are older than me, but you must know how I feel. Isn't it exciting? :D

I feel really happy right now, just in general. I'm happy with my friends and the summer and everything. I hope you're all feeling happy too! Or if you're not, that you will soon :)


  1. How did you havw time for all that when you werebusy writing your dissertation in the comments of my last post?

    1. As my grades last year prove, I'm excellent at time management.

    2. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  2. Yay for confidence! I'm hoping this year will be really great for me too,

    I hope to feel happy again. When my roommates e-mail back I will probably be bouncing off the walls. So to speak.

  3. If only clothes didn't cost money, our lives would all be so much easier... and it is really great to be an upperclassman. You'll be a big bad senior before you know it!