Friday, August 10, 2012

Schedules have arrived!

I am completely infuriated! After waiting an hour with Tegan with all sorts of excitement, our schedules arrive, and I discover that mine is COMPLETELY messed up! I am actually amazed at how thoroughly wrong it is. Over half the schedule is wrong!

For starters, I'm slated for English 3A instead of 3AP. That's two entire levels I've been dropped! Similarly, what should be U.S. History 2AP is 2A. Physics, which I've looked forward to for years, is absent; in its place is Biology 2. Finally, in what would be my period for an elective, during which I intended to take study hall, I have sports entertainment market first semester and international business the second.

So, as of now my schedule is horrible, but it's likely there was a computer error. I say this because the guidance counselor named at the top of the page is wrong. We don't change guidance counselors, so my hope is that my schedule simply got mixed up with someone else's--maybe someone who is very confused as to why they're taking physics and study hall. As for the rest of my classes, they're technically correct, but it's likely that they'll be rearranged when I fix what's been messed up, so it's really like I haven't gotten my schedule at all.

Unfortunately, the school is only open Monday through Thursday in the summer, so I have to wait until Monday to call them and find out what happened. Hopefully I can sort this out without too much difficulty.

Till tomorrow, friends.


  1. thank you so much for your comment. i know it's been ages since, but it means a lot to me that someone out there actually might like/understand what i've so carelessly put into words. i read your blog from time to time and i loved how you always seemed to have so much enthusiasm and passion for every little thing you were doing. it's awfully endearing.

    good luck with school, and life in general. :)

  2. o.0 That sounds extremely odd...