Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Today I cleaned my room in preparation for the AMAZING BIRTHDAY EXTRAVAGANZA taking place on Saturday! There's still so much cleaning to do, but most of it will probably be done on Friday, of course. I'm really, really excited! I'll make sure to have more pictures than you could possibly want, ever. You will actually hate how many pictures I'll have.

My mom is apparently going to make a spectacular cake, but she won't give me many hints. The fancy cake is a reminder that this is my Sweet 16, and not some boring other birthday! It kind of seems weird to me that I'm not 16 yet, since all of my friends are by now. Being 16 means that I can wear makeup and have a boyfriend! And drive! So, exciting developments to occur soon.

Maybe after my birthday I'll actually have something to talk about, but I definitely don't right now! Good night, friends!

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN ADVANCE! My sweet 16 was very sweet on 10/10/10!

    Make-up and boyfriends can be pretty good, but they can also be annoying. Just, y'know, a heads up. :)