Sunday, August 5, 2012


I almost forgot today AGAIN. I'm so bad at remembering daily things. I remember to feed the fish every night even though I barely look at them, but I can't remember to blog even though I check my blog all day.

Today, between sessions of Spider Solitaire and random internetin', I tried on a couple of my dresses for kicks. I realized that I have this lacy gray dress vaguely reminiscent of the Flapper style which I never wear. It's not my favorite but with a belt it looks pretty nice. I've been craving something lacy anyway, so I may  start wearing it when school rolls around. Oddly enough, I originally got it for a Halloween costume.

I also tried on my Model UN dresses, which made me want to write a report and argue over the sovereignty of countries violating peace codes--just kidding, it made me want to try on heels and put my hair in a bun. I love dressing up for MUN! I'm afraid the teachers will notice that my dresses are a little inappropriate for the conferences and tell me to stop wearing them, though. They're not that bad, just one is a little short, and the other is a little low-cut. I always want to get more, too! Man, MUN dresses are great. If only I could walk in the heels.

So I might've just spent two paragraphs talking about dresses because I didn't do anything today. Till tomorrow, friends.


  1. I like dresses. *said in the voice of that one girl from The Amanda Show who always said "I like eggs."*

  2. Getting dressed up is so fun. That was the best aspect of prom tbh.

  3. You totally should just wear the heels about your house, practice makes perfect! Literally. I used to wear mine doing the dishes, when just at the computer so your feet get used to them or anything else you do! :)

  4. I can't wear my Halloween costume out in public without turning heads...

  5. They do say "Pain is beauty"! I'm sure they'll look stunning no matter what :)