Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Great Adventure

Today I went to Great Adventure with Tegan and family! Zack made several puns about it being a great adventure, and I was tempted to make one in the title, but decided I was above all that.

It was really great, though, and I don't even mean that as a pun. We started right off with Nitro, so I didn't have time to get used to, you know, jarring heights and speeds. Good golly do I hate heights. But Nitro is a great ride, and we ended up going on three times, once when it was dark, which was really better. The third time, some mean lady was in front of us who thought we were talking about her when we talked about people skipping in line and got all defensive. I tried to tell her that we weren't talking about her but whatever, some people just feel entitled to be mean.

I could've explained to her that if we did have a problem with her cutting (she and another had met with the rest of their party, who were in front of us), we wouldn't have done it in a backhanded way like talking about it with our group so they'd overhear. That's what she did when she thought we were insulting her. I guess it's not worth thinking about it, but I just hate people who are so mean and think everyone is trying to insult them.

We didn't go on El Toro or Bizarro, because the lines were just ridiculously long. We went on this new ride several times, though. It just spun around, but it was addicting in its simplicity, I guess. For some reason, after escaping relatively unscathed from Congo Rapids, we decided to go on again and all got completely soaking wet. Wet denim is unbearable, but at least it kept us cool!

The food there is so expensive, and not even that good, though the mozerella sticks I had for dinner were decent. The great part was hanging out with Tegan, which I haven't done in a while since she's been on vacation. It was a good day, and I didn't even get that burned! Success. I really want one of this superhero tee-shirts, but not Batman because everyone does Batman.

Tomorrow I'm going over to Kristen's house! I haven't seen her in ages so that'll be fun. I need to ask about going to the mall on Thursday with Shari. And on Saturday, we should be seeing Joy! This week will be a good week. Till next time, friends.


  1. You should get a Darkstar T-shirt. Nobody would get it.