Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Smells like Flowers

I was supposed to clean the living room today, but of course accomplished nothing in that respect. As of now, I have to clean the living room, stairwell, art room, vacuum all of upstairs, and sweep downstairs. I don't think I'll be going out much tomorrow! But it'll be worth it when my house is nice and clean for my birthday party! I figure my dad will take care of the pantry, office, and porch on Friday. I'm also going to Febreze the hell out of everything on Saturday morning. My house will smell like flowers, damn it!
Instead of cleaning, I hung out with Tegan. We played Lego Batman and Robin, which is really just the most fantastic game (totally). At six I went to the library for a screening of The Hunger Games, even though we just bought the DVD. I really only went because Maya asked me too, and I like hanging out with her! There was some obnoxious twelve-year-olds in the audience, of course. I wonder if I was that obnoxious when I was twelve. Probably.
My jacket arrived today! I love love love it, so so much. It is actually like my new favorite thing. It's so comfortable and it fits well and it's adoooorable! I can't wait till the weather is cooll so I can wear it! I'm really happy with the color, too; it's more green than I thought it was, but green is my second favorite color, so that's totally cool. Now, if it had turned out purple, that would be even better X)
I'm being kicked off the computer, so, till next time, friends! :)

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  1. I don't envy your job of cleaning the house! But the end result should be awesome. :)

    I'm glad you love the jacket. I must start a similar quest for a rain coat...hmm...