Friday, August 17, 2012

Back Again!

So you may have noticed that yesterday's entry wasn't written by me (considering the title was "I am not Strawberry"). By the time I got back from the activities of yesterday, my mom wouldn't let me on the computer, and I couldn't do it from my phone. I need to stop saving it till the last minute!

The aforementioned activities consisted of eating at Five Guys with Joy, Andrew, and Zack, and then wandering about the surrounding shopping area for an hour. I guess that doesn't sound too exciting, but it was really nice! Zack and Andrew are funny guys, and a lot of the time I was trying to hold in raucous laughter while Joy rolled her eyes. The food is pretty good, too; I'd forgotten that Five Guys is a pretty decent place. The shopping area was a little boring in and of itself, but everything is better when you have friends around!

Maia is now back for realziez, so I hope to see her soon! We have so much to talk about and so much writing to do. So much writing. We discussed going to the park on Sunday, which sounds like a good plan.

Oh, I almost forgot! My aunt was awesome enough to send me a birthday card in the mail, and included a check for one hundred dollars! I need to write her a thank you before I forget, gosh. Anyway, against my mother's better judgement, I'm only going to deposit half of it in my emaciated bank account, and save the rest for shopping escapades. I probably won't get my boots with it, but I'll get other clothes and then go back to saving for boots! This came at a good time, since I intend to go to the mall with Kim at some point.

My birthday is in just over a week! This of course means that cleaning will have to start soon, but I can't wait to hit you all with a massive post about it like last year! SO EXCITING!

Good night, friends!

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