Saturday, August 25, 2012

So close!

The party is all set up for! We have streamers properly set up (I managed to mess them up the first attempt), fruit cut up for a fruit tray, veggie dip prepared, pizza ordered for later, balloons inflated and tied to chairs (and to the mailbox, like a proper party), pretzels at the ready for the first guests, an extra Wii controller graciously lended from Tegan, and an extremely clean house. I'm pretty exhausted and appreciate the down time before the first guests arrive (though seriously I can't wait at all omg).
I'm finally sixteen! So I can freely say that I'm dating Zack! He's basically my favorite person (except for Maya and Maia, of course) and I'm very happy. On Tuesday we'll be going out to dinner--our first official date! I can't wait to see him again! We haven't hung out since last Thursday and I'm kind of going crazy. He called earlier to wish me a happy birthday, which was lovely, though unfortunately I had to hang up to bathe the cat.
I should probably go, since people will be arriving soon. Till tomorrow, friends, when I tell you all about my amazing party! :D

Also, thanks for the birthday wishes Lizzie and Natalie! :)

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