Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Up to My Eyeballs

Today I dropped off the schedule-changing sheet at the school. Now all I can do is wait and hope it's not impossible for me to get the classes I want. I want to take physics, gosh darn it!

If anyone was wondering, these are the boots I really want. I love that style! Haha, I bet they'll go well with the wonderful jacket I'm totally going to own on (approximately) the 22nd. Man, Kim wants to go to the mall next weekend, too. I am up to my eyeballs in shopping! Though as of now I have 8 dollars, so, maybe not so much shopping as much as wishful thinking. I'd still really like a casual dress and, like, a tee-shirt. I guess that sounds silly, but I don't have any cute, comfortable tee-shirts to wear when I feel lazy! Oh, and I'd like a comfy hoodie to wear over the tee-shirt when it gets colder. What I really want, of course, is endless revenue.

Tomorrow I'll be seeing Joy for the first time in months! I'm so excited to catch up with her! Thursday, she, Andrew, Zack, and I will go see a movie. That's the plan right now, anyway. Maybe this weekend I'll see Maia FINALLY. I kind of want to take all of the things I've written in her absence and ambush her with them. She is my writing buddy, after all.

I'm tempted to read my entries from last year. I remember on the first day of school last year, I only got two-and-a-half hours of sleep and was completely miserable. Hopefully that doesn't happen this year! I should probably stop staying up till two in the morning in time for school. I really do not have a healthy sleep schedule.

Till next time! :)


  1. Reading old posts is like eating gravel. It's hard and painful, and you can't help but judge yourself for being a little foolish sometimes.

  2. ^ LOL. Oh, Isaac. You always know what to say.

    Those boots are pretty snazzy. I am going to get Hanes comfort tees from Wal-Mart before I leave. Those shirts are the best until they shrink.

    I have so many friends to hang out with before I leave/they leave. I'm so POP-U-LAR! (Not really. Plans just keep getting pushed back.)