Thursday, August 9, 2012

Clothes! As far as the eye can see!

Today I went to the mall with Shari, and it was really just fantastic! I actually bought things, which I haven't done in so long. Having new clothes is such a good feeling.
We started off, as we often do, with Forever 21. Usually we don't find much there, but I saw these lovely jeans for only $10.80. They're skinny jeans, but they're such a pretty color. Dark denim is my favorite. And they'd look nice tucked into boots, if I had boots. I don't have boots, but I want them. Goodness gracious, I'd do anything for a nice pair of boots.
Since I had some jeans to try on, I of course needed a shirt, and this wonderful dark red color caught my eye. The sweater is thin, but surprisingly warm, and I just can't wait till it's cool enough to wear it. I love sweaters, especially in lovely colors. After that, we went to the food court for lunch, and went into J.C.Penney's since it was close by. I don't normally like that store, but Shari bid me try something on.
I'm really surprised that I like these shorts. I've never had pants in any interesting color, or with a pattern, or anything like that! But they're really comfortable and not super short like my other pair. I don't normally wear shorts to school, but maybe I'll make an exception for these.
Other stores weren't as successful, but I did get some adorable earrings from Nordstroms. I can't find them online, but they're little white flowers. I thought I could wear them with my new floral attire!
There's still some things I want to get before school starts. I shall make a list for my benefit and yours!
  • A cardigan. My favorite one has a hole in it, and I can't seem to find it anyway. There was one that I really liked on Forever 21, but they're out of stock now. Now I'm thinking this would be a good one to buy, but I'm not sure what color. Any thoughts?
  • Shoes! Shoes are so great; I wish I had more of them. I'll need sneakers, of course, but I'd like a pair of flats or something that I can wear skirts and such with in the fall. Of course what I'd really like is a pair of boots, but boots are in general a bit more expensive than I'm willing to splurge for.
  • A casual dress (or two or three). I always, always want more dresses. It's really unhealthy. But aren't dresses so nice? It's like wearing a skirt, but you don't have to worry about a matching top!
  • A new dress for Model UN, because really, I'm addicted to business-appropriate attire.
  • This jacket. I don't know if I've ever loved anything more than I love this jacket, except for boots.

I should really stop this before I amass a small fortune's worth of wishful thinking.


  1. I've recently began buying more things (as you read) after barely spending anything this summer. It feels good and certainly I need to continue to save. Textbooks and everything else won't pay for themsleves. Scholarships? Those are something I could never seem to, I applied to so many and no dice. :(

    When it comes to boots, (and shoes in general, actually) is a great place! The only problem is you take a risk with having to order online. But this past January I ordered a few (waterproof, warm) boots for winter in Minnesota because they were on good sale and ultimately an investment. Maybe I'll take pictures and post them! Or make a video about my winter clothes!

    I need to find a new black cardigan. The one I had got white paint on a sleeve and hole under the arm I believe. But my goodness did I love it.

    Dresses are nice but I recently sold a lot of my Forever 21 ones because they just didn't fit me. I dunno if you looked at my Flickr, but there are a few I'm still selling if you're interested or just want inspiration. I'm not trying to force you in getting them. (OR AM I?)

    The shorts are cute but I am usually weary of anything too low cut and booty revealing. Sadly, that's almost only what they sell in the 'trendy' juniors section...le sigh.

    Okay, this comment may be longer than my entry today. :P