Sunday, August 19, 2012


Today I saw Maia for the first time in two months! Her hair is cut shorter but she's basically the same as always, except now full of camp-stories.

We wandered around the park by her house, catching up, getting my feet wet with dew and such. It was a comparatively cool day, so I wore jeans, though walking around a park in the sun might not have been the best place for that. I really love these jeans I got recently! They're so comfortable! Since it was stuffy, we wandered back to her house, and compared weird songs on our iPods. She won, by far. She has a song about a broom. I think that basically surmises it.

I also built a pathetically small pillowhive. We ran around her house looking for cats, too, which is basically like a past time of mine. Running around looking for cats. One of her cats is mean, but the other one was so nice! I love cats, really.

I didn't do any summer reading, though that's not really a surprise. I meant to, really! I'll try to get some done tonight. I finally have all of my school supplies, but I feel weird about putting my backpack together before I know my schedule. I wish I remembered when the revised version was supposed to arrive!

Oh God this entry is a rambling mess. I'm too tired to fix it! Good night, friends!


  1. I have every faith you'll get the reading done before school starts dear. Easily.

  2. I feel like most of my posts are rambling messes. No need to apologize!

    Once again I hope you're schedule is fixed. SCHOOL SUPPLIES.